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Strategic consulting and regulatory compliance service to Swiss/European clients (both Multinationals and SMEs) on their way to China, and on restructuring their existing operations in China. Thanks to central location of our office in Europe and well established connections within China, we are able to provide state-of-the-art services at the doorstep of our clients.
With the growth of China’s economic power, we are expecting to assist new entrants from China to explore the business opportunity in Switzerland/Europe.


Knowing what regulation says is only the first step. Success in China premises on the appropriate understanding on the business environment, social and political contexts, and potential pitfalls. Opportunities shall be built upon a full awareness of the risks and a carefully placed prevention strategy. We are optimistic on the future of China, but due care is still indispensable.


  • Legal support on China-related foreign trade and distribution issues;
  • Market entry and strategic advices;
  • Legal support on merger and acquisition transaction;
  • Due diligence;
  • Strategic and legal advice on joint venture projects;
  • Company establishment and registration;
  • Group Restructuring;
  • IP registration and protection;
  • Market exit support;
  • Assessment and clarification on specific regulatory (e.g. market access, foreign exchange, tax, import/export etc.) issues;
  • Verifying and reviewing official documents issued in Chinese;
  • Language assistance in Chinese