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  • The Opinions for Applying the Company Law on FIEs have clarified certain issues upon the overlaps between the Com-pany Law and the FIEs-specific laws. It assists to facilitate the smooth application of the newly revised Company Law in the context of foreign […]

  • The December 2005 issue of CHINAjournal carries an overview on the newly revised PRC Company Law. It was noted therein that supplementing rules were forthcoming for a smooth implementation of the new law. This issue of CHINAjournal aims to take a look […]

  • With all the hustles and bustles, VC engagement in China would have to pay heed to the unique characters of Chinese corporate law, investment policy and capital market condition, which may poise dynamics that are normally not attended to in a more […]

  • This issue of CHINAjournal aims to give a brief review on China’s evolving TP regime and assess its implication on the multinationals’ China TP strategy.   Chinajournal_jan.2006_Transfer_pricing

  • This issue of CHINAjournal aims to give a brief introduction on the new features of 2005 Company Law and assesses their possible impact on the general environment of doing business.   Chinajournal_dec.2005_Company_Law_Revision